Monday, March 18, 2013

Hello to all my Followers, Friends, and the Public

Hello to all my Followers, Friends, and the Public

I help run a Abstract Art Group Forum called Black Canvas, Our website is for both new and seasoned abstract artists.

We have a gallery where you can post your abstract artwork and a community of artists who interact with each other. If you are looking for advice on a piece of artwork then we have a work in process area in our abstract cafe where you can discuss that.

There's nothing like being in a community of like minded people. You can form new relationships that will be there for you when you seek advice or just want to talk. Here you have the opportunity to create bonds between others that may last for quite a long time.

If you haven't joined yet, we invite you to create a FREE account. Being part of a community of artists and having the benefit of their support for you and your work is a rare and wonderful thing.

For those who become members

For those of you who have art blogs or websites we offer link swapping. There is no charge as it is intended to be a relationship that will benefit us both. If you are interested, contact the site admin.

Thank you for choosing to be a part of this growing community. You already know the benefits we have to offer here. The friends you make here can have an influence on your life and your artwork because as the conversations and comments grow, you get to know the other artists and build a relationship.

Hope to see you there at Black Canvas Here is the site -

When you sign up to Black Canvas please let us know who referred you Black Canvas.

   Mr. D's Abstract Adventures (Doug)

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