Friday, March 29, 2013

Redhead Rock Agama

The Common Agama, Red-headed Rock Agama, (Agama agama) is a species of lizard from the Agamidae family, found in most of Subsaharan Africa.

It can often be seen in the heat of the day. In the breeding season, the males develop dramatically colorful markings, the head and neck and tail turning bright orange, and the body dark blue. Outside of the breeding season, the male is a plain brown. The females and juveniles are always more cryptically marked. This lizard can be found climbing rocks and walls. Its primary source of food is insects.

The males are territorial claiming small to medium patches of land which they defend against other mature males. Juveniles and females reside within the territories unchallenged. The mature males become agitated when confronting each other; nodding vigorously, arching, skipping sideways, and clashing tails. The loser is chased out of the territory.

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